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Weight loss

Slim down quickly in Jamaica with a non-surgical, 15-minute procedure. Reduce body fat and lower heart disease risk in Kingston Jamaica

Weight loss

If you are having difficulty fitting into your clothes lately and nothing seems to be working well then you are in the right place. Sure there are options, but you know that crash diets cause you to gain even more weight when they are over, and exercise though great for you, may result in slimming down but not always in the areas you want to lose stubborn fat from. Then there’s the issue of loose excess skin. “What can I do?” you may ask yourself.

This is precisely why we are here. We recognize that the surgical options have long term negative effects that are difficult to overcome afterwards and you don’t want the scars either.

So we have devised a holistic approach that determines and treats your specific root causes while we get rid of your unwanted fat quickly and safely. There are reasons why the fat has collected in the specific parts of your body is where it is right now. For example, a myomectomy or C-section scar can cause a solid FUPA (Overhang in the lower tummy), and digestive issues and hormonal issues, sleep issues and stress can also cause a stuck metabolism in specific areas. Even if you were to cut your tummy off, you’d still have these issues causing weight gain.

At Jamaica's Centre for Advanced Medicine you get to lose the unwanted fat from your trouble spots while fixing your hormone issues, digestive, sleep and any other issues easily so that your get to look good naked (without scars, lumpiness or loose muscle issues), and keep it off too. You get to live a life where you look and feel way better than when you came without the expense or risk of surgery. That is the JCAM promise.

Our major methods include Mesotherapy , Warm sculpting and Vitamins shots, and neural therapy. We incorporate a diet guide compiled over decades of learning what really works so we accurately guide you every step of the way.

Have a look at the results of some of our patients.

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Before & After Photos

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Which method should you choose?
Comparison chart for our methods

BenefitsMesotherapyWarm Sculpting
Quick easy procedureresults in 2-3 weeksAt least 8 sessions required. Results in 2-3 weeks
Tightens and reshapes skin✔️✔️
No down time✔️✔️
Additional Health benefitsHeart/circulation/colon/ breast/skin health enhancedMood/hormones/ digestion/metabolism/Hypertension
Best forModerate to large areas of fat.
Waist, back , upper belly and lower belly fat. Inner thighs, hip fat, cellulite, chin area.
Prevents skin drooping after large amounts of fat loss. *Best for lifting heavy areas.
Small to large areas can be treated but fewer areas can be treated per session.
Tummy and thigh fat, cellulite.
Prevents skin drooping. Great for diabetics Many combine a few of these treatments.
Who shouldn’t do thisDiabetics on medication. (Great for pre-diabetics not yet on medication who desire to not have to need meds).Not for patients who are intolerant of light (eg patients with Porphyria).
Short and Long term safety profile✔️✔️
Many areas can be treated in a single session✔️Only 1 major stubborn area at a time.
Relative pricesA third of the cost of surgical alternatives.Very Budget friendly but more treatments needed.
Number of treatments required1-3 dep on amount of fat8 suggested, however often excellence can be achieved in fewer.
(done twice weekly X 1 month).

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