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Jamaica's Centre for Advanced medicine

The Journey to JCAM. Jamaica's Centre for Advanced medicine is the birth child of Dr. Arlene Rose who was a practicing dermatologist and founder and CEO of Derma Kare. at the time. Dr. Rose coined JCAM from her personal experience when she battled a disease. She visited numerous specialist doctors seeking a solution, but no one gave her treatment that provided lasting results. When no relief was forthcoming, Dr Rose went researching for a solution to heal herself. She found a holistic treatment solution that worked. This experience led Dr. Rose on a path to help more patients to heal from their diseases by attacking the root cause of their sickness. Today, she has helped thousands of patients live happier, longer and pain free lives. JCAM is concerned about your quality of life and ensuring each patient is equipped with a lifestyle roadmap to health and wellness. As such, our team invests heavily in research and development to find the solutions that will provide our patients with the results they have been looking for.

JCAM is the place for persons who have been seeking a solution for their pain, sickness and beauty concerns and who are willing to make lifestyle changes to live healthier., happier lives.

Jamaica Centre for Advanced Medicine is the leading holistic and wellness boutique brand in Jamaica and the Caribbean, offering world-class holistic solutions and products for forward-minded and discerning patients who desire solutions outside traditional offerings. Our goal is to transform and improve the health of our patients through our compassionate approach, innovative holistic solutions, and first-rate client care to assist them in regaining their confidence and vitality.

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Our lead doctor, Dr. Arlene Rose continued to seek effective treatments for those whom standard medicine was not working. Dr. Rose is a graduate from the UWI and also University of Wales College of Medicine, where she achieved a Masters with distinction and topped her class. Doctor Rose brings over 25 years of medical experience to the table. We have been pioneers and innovators and do whatever is necessary to help all our patients leave us far better than before they came. Our team meets weekly to ensure that every patient is doing well, and thats our number one goal. We incorporate medical innovations that are being used in other countries successfully. Dr. Rose dedicates her life to continually finding the safest treatments from anywhere on the globe and making them available to her patients. “Only by seeking shall you find” is her motto. Along with this motto, she has a simple pledge. It is that she will never promote or recommend any product or procedure which she herself would not use.

At JCAM, we dedicate our lives to continually finding the safest treatments from across the world and making them available to our patients. We travel, research and test equipment to ensure more of our patients can live happier, richer lives with more relief from the diseases that plague them.

JCAM is a rapidly growing integrative medical centre with a distinct multidisciplinary healthcare team that applies the advanced functional medical model to solve chronic and complex health problems.

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