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Neural Therapy

We have used a version of this treatment to help people with excessive sweating of the arm pits right here in Jamaica and in pain relief for years

We have used a version of this treatment to help people with excessive sweating of the arm pits right here in Jamaica and in pain relief or sudden onset of restricted movements of shoulders, elbows, sudden back issues, the pain following shingles and many more stubborn health issues. You’d be surprised that even stubborn hormone issues can sometimes be helped using this method.

Ever have an issue, or a pain, or strange symptoms that came after a surgical procedure or injury that no one understands, not even your doctor. For some it’s a strange feeling in the chest, or palpitations, or an area where fat has gathered that wasn’t there before the surgery, or sudden inability to move your body freely.

Sometimes an injury (even childhood ones) can create what is called an ‘interference field’, or blockage in the flow of information between different parts of your body causing strange symptoms even decades later.

This is one of the reasons we are a largely non-surgical center, because we understand the impact of interference fields on health.

Let me give you an example. We recently had a few patients who had had a C-Section over 10 years before visiting us. They were notable because they both had a strange feeling of palpitations in the chest, angina and one had even had a heart attack. They just felt like there had been something sitting on their chests. Upon treating the scar with neural therapy, the feeling left them within minutes.

In one particular patient, who had been tracking her pulse rate with her smart watch, noticed that before her treatment she had very disordered vital signs (pulse rate etc). We noticed that right after the treatment she couldn't believe how free she was feeling as the weight in her chest was gone. Her pulse rate went from a steady state of 124 bpm (way too high) to 77 (normal level) within minutes. She was blown away by how good and how normal she felt. This treatment has a very regulatory effect on the body, and even though it is not yet practiced by many doctors in the Western world, it is a game changer for many medical conditions that just don't make sense despite many doctors visits.

In another patient, just by treating a scar we were able to normalize a life threatening hormone gland issue of the parathyroid glands, making surgery unnecessary as we watched her blood test results (PTH and Calcium levels) normalize within a few weeks.

These ways correct the blockages to communication within your body, allowing your body to immediately function normally again. Our lead doctor is so glad she didn't stop learning after medical school because there is so much more she learned after leaving.

We have also been very successfully treating heel spurs in Jamaicans who go from limping to being able to run often in a single “brilliantly revolutionary'' version of this treatment which takes 2 minutes.

To find out if we can help your stubborn health issue, reach out to us using one of our methods.

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