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Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments

Laser Abdomen - Benefits

If done three days before the menstrual period there will be no pain, even if every cycle before that brought excruciating pain. The treatment takes 20 minutes, is completely safe and healing and feels like a spa treatment. For some teens it doesn’t need to be done again. Cost is $15,000jmd.
( Discounted to $12,500. Tuesdays only.)

Reverse bad back, Back Arthritis, leg pain coming from the back.

(Actual patient story) When he first came to me his back was so bad that he hadn’t been to work for months. My heart went out to him. Every time he stood up he could count the seconds before the pain began to shoot down his legs and it was excruciating. I told him, If you can get up the stairs, I can help you. He took his time and made it up, and after the first treatment, he said, I can stand a little bit longer without pain shooting down. By His 6th session he was back at work and by his 8th he was a new man. I thought to myself “why aren’t we helping more Jamaicans”. New We have made our method take even fewer sessions. We are making Tuesdays ‘Back Reset day’ where people who need it but who cant afford the regular price can have a chance to access it too.

Are you someone who doesn’t like to be stopped by limited mobility due to back pain.No more back pain, or pain shooting down legs, no more weakness or numbness from Back arthritis changes. Whether you have spondylosis, degenerative disc disease or nerve compression we can help…our treatments are quick easy painless, and they actually release stem cells to heal and repair your spine. Only 6-8 sessions are needed and they are completely pain free.
( Discounted to $12,500. Tuesdays only.)

Laser Hair Regrowth

6-8 painless laser sessions stimulate hair follicles to regrow, reduce scarring and inflammation. Helpful in hair loss from braids, weaves, sew ins, glue ins and other forms of hair loss. Just wash your remaining hair, don’t put any oils in it and let us make your scalp regrow your own hair after 6 to 8 sessions.

( Discounted to $12,500. Tuesdays only.)

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