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Discover the rejuvenating power of our Fillers treatment in Kingston, Jamaica. Look and feel years younger in just 30 minutes.


This is a favourite for busy professionals who want to look as young as they feel while still looking like themselves. If you only have part of a morning or afternoon and need to be able to go back to your life right afterwards this is the method for you. No weekly visits are necessary. All of our treatments leave you looking like yourself, so you don't have to worry about looking overstuffed or even like someone else when the treatment is complete. This is one of our treatments in which the results are immediate and so we get to enjoy the delight on our patient's faces as they see the younger version of themselves once more. This is Dr Rose’s favorite treatment to perform.

It takes 30 minutes to do, but we like to use a numbing cream before and also very fine and small needles.

Results are seen immediately and continue to improve over the week following treatment. We actually inject a building block of collagen, so there is not much redness or irritation on the day, most times there isn’t any by the time the patient is walking out the door.

In the office, we describe what is called a ‘Young-girl’ or ‘Young-man’ moment, when we realize that suddenly we are aware of how much younger the patient looks than when we began the treatment. Transformation is seen before our very eyes.

Then another high point of the treatment is the “Big-reveal” which is when the patient looks at their reflection in the mirror after we are done and sees themselves with much of their youth restored.

That is the moment that makes it all worthwhile, and because it’s immediate, it’s one of our favourite treatments.

We recommend that if patients are taking any blood thinning medications or supplements that they let us know beforehand, or pause them for a day if they are supplements. Hypertensives and diabetics can do this treatment and it is very effective for treating forehead lines, smile and frown lines, tear troughs (under eye deep grooves that go down into the cheeks), marionettes etc.

Our patients love when Dr Rose does their fillers because she is also an artist, and understands that symmetry is beauty and just how to achieve the best outcomes through strategic placement of the fillers.

We don’t do Botox because we are not very trusting of the long term effects of injecting a toxin in to the facial muscles , knowing that our different body parts are still connected to each other via lymphatics, the circulation, nervous system etc.

  • Makes patients look at least 10 years younger in 30 minutes
  • Stimulates your own natural collagen production to reduce ageing in the treated areas
  • The more its done, the more the ageing process slows down in the treated areas
  • Convenient for busy professionals

Before & After Photos

Mesotherapy results picture 1Mesotherapy results picture 1Mesotherapy results picture 1

Which method should you choose?
Comparison chart for our methods

BenefitsFillersCollagen booster
Can be done in one single lunchtime✔️-
Immediate results✔️-
No down time✔️✔️
Number of treatments in series14-6
Additional Health benefits-Many. but most known for a strong sense of wellbeing.
Areas that are best treated with methodHorizontal face lines, angry lines, smile lines and marionettes, deeper sunken areas.Very very good with Lower face with jawline and neck firming as well as the forehead smoothing.
Acts byFilling and smoothing. Collagen stimulationWaking up all the cells of the face and making them rejuvenate themselves. Creates a powerful glow.
Down timeNot usually. Most patients go right back to the office.None. Look better even after the first treatment.
How long effects can lastUsually 1- 2 years depending on lifestyle and stress levels.Slows down aging in treated areas even after it wears off.Approximately 1 year
Needles involvedYes. fine ones with numbing cream.None
Who can do itHypertensives, controlled diabetics. Call to find out if you can do it.Almost anyone. Great for people who are anxious, stressed, need to glow and tighten.
Who shouldn't do thisNot for severely ill personsLight sensitive people

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