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Root Cause Pain Relief

End Chronic Pain with tested and proven treatments at this pain relied center in Kingston, Jamaica.

Root Cause Pain Relief

Sick and tired of putting up with pain every day? Have a loved one who has been suffering too long? So many have been breaking free from pain with our Best in Class technology that finds and treats the root causes. If you're tired of suffering you are in the right place.

Managing pain can be a never ending saga. As soon as the pain medication wears off, the pain returns. At JCAM we offer a biofeedback scan to find the not so obvious root causes that keep the pain alive and kicking.

Then we use PEMF therapy, which targets the root of the issues by enhancing cellular function and promoting the regeneration of damaged tissues. This not only helps to alleviate immediate discomfort but also fosters long-term healing, reducing the need for ongoing pain management interventions. Additionally, PEMF therapy is non-addictive and free from the side effects commonly associated with pain medications, making it a safer option for true recovery and pain free living.

Whether someone is dealing with acute injuries, or chronic conditions like arthritis, or post-operative pain, Biofeedback scanning with PEMF therapy is an ideal way to offer relief to those in the know. Our method is suitable for a wide range of patients, from athletes recovering from sports injuries to older adults managing arthritis-related pain, and even those with poor circulation or stomach pain or even the pain of autoimmune diseases. Overall, by offering effective pain relief, promoting tissue repair, and addressing the underlying causes of chronic pain, our combination of biofeedback therapy with PEMF therapy has been a lifesaver and beacon of hope for countless Jamaicans just like you who are suffering from persistent pain and inflammation but who just want to live a normal life again.

Here are some of our clients success stories.

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