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What to do when your belly is hanging over?

What to do when your belly is hanging overBy Dr Arlene Rose

Is your tummy hanging over and no matter how much you exercise it just doesn't seem to be going away. Have you ever wondered how on Earth you could get rid of it? ‘I really don't want to do anything drastic’, you think to yourself, ‘but the area is becoming so sweaty under there.’ So for a time you just go out and get some loose clothing and you work with it. While this works for a while, you begin to feel like you'd really like to look good naked too, not just in clothes, and there are still some of your dresses you'd rather not give up on…just yet.

At JCAM we have recognized that certain deficiencies, and interruptions in lymphatic flow, and certain surgical procedures in the lower tummy can cause a build up of fat right there, and we have spent over 10 years studying this particular area. We have found great success using 2 non-surgical methods to melt the fat out of there. We needed methods that could lift and tighten the area, without scars, and without long term negative effects. Not only did we find 2 such methods, but they have additional health benefits for the heart and circulation with many patients reporting normalized blood pressure, cholesterol, hormone levels and mood.

The first method we have been using over the years is mesotherapy and it takes just about 15 minutes. We inject a nutrient into the fat and the body metabolizes it from that area with tightening lifting and improvement of skin texture and appearance over the next 6-8 weeks. We don't get the permanent lumps and grooves, or hardness that you often get over time after liposuction, and the skin is left soft, scarless, and lifted. We have even seen stretch marks improve in the treated area.

The second method is warm sculpting, which is awesome for patients with digestive issues or diabetes, and which uses 100% painless Near infrared laser therapy (non heating, non damaging) as well as a comforting yet powerful technology from Holland to treat the area(s). We get the same tightening, soft, beautiful effect with the uncovering of a well shaped physique as the treatments are being done. In this case weekly or twice weekly treatments are done as you relax in spa-like comfort while your body reshapes, your inflammation levels fall, your mood lifts, and other imbalances with your digestion or hormones rebalance. Many of our hypertensive patients who do this watch their blood pressure gently normalize.

At times we have to add certain methods for specific issues affecting the lymphatic flow, and also to manage scar tissues as well as correct deficiencies in the body. Once we do this we unlock the ability of this area to metabolize fat. We have seen persons have surgery for the overhang, and as these initial factors are often not addressed, fat re-gathers at the edge of the scar or in the upper tummy soon afterwards, so it’s so important to manage these.

So there you have it, now you know that you don't have to live with a heavy overhang anymore. So many of our patients call this issue their ‘Apron’ or their ‘Pooch’. We are really happy to be able to say you can get rid of your ‘belly pooch’, ‘stomach hang’ or ‘Apron' right here in Jamaica so you can once again get to fit into your clothes with confidence.

If you would like JCAM to help you on your journey, don't be afraid to reach out to us by whatsapp. Send us a pic at 876-819-2365, and we will begin the conversation. After all, this isn't vanity, it's maintenance!

Dr Arlene Rose is the lead doctor at JCAM. She is a cosmetic dermatologist and holistic practitioner. Every patient of JCAM is comforted by the fact that the treatments are selected based on the most biocompatible and natural methods that she could find. Dr Rose has traveled the globe, and handpicked the safest methods, and rejected any method that could potentially be of harm in the future. For JCAM and the team it's about patient satisfaction, results and a natural looking and scarless result.

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